Safari Experience

(Writen by Yala Leopard Paradise Safari Customers)

Morning Safari

Our alarm goes off early in the morning. It is 04:30. I am exited, because today we will go on a safari. The jeep is waiting outside, it is time to go.
After a 45 minute drive we arrive at the park. The driver buys entrance tickets and we are ready to go. Time to start! Right at the beginning there is a line of jeeps waiting and we see lots of pointing fingers. The first crocodile has showed itself a few meters from the entrance gate. Right then I was a little bit concerned because of all the jeeps. “I hope it is not like this for the coming hours” I thought. And my wishes were fulfilled. After the first crocodile, our ways split with the other jeeps and we were alone. After a while we saw some deer with great antlers and many different kinds of birds that I don’t know all the names of. Of course we sometimes met other jeeps, but it did not feel crowded at all.
It was a majestic feeling when we saw a big pond with buffalo’s, deer, a bunch of different birds and crocodiles. All these animals so close together was an amazing thing to see. Nature surprised me once again.
After about three hours we could get out off the car. There was a special spot where this was allowed. We bathed out feet into the crystal clear water from which a buffalo was also drinking, just a little bit further down the river. We ate some fresh fruit and saw a tree full of moths.
And on our way we were again. We saw more crocodiles, buffalo’s and deer. This time we also saw a bear, two foxes and two different types of apes. After a while we came to a pond full of water lilies which was a beautiful view on its own, but then something happened that made it even better. Many pelicans came out of nowhere, all catching fish in the pond. One after the other. One after the other.
Unfortunately we did not see any elephants which is rare. Apparently it was too cloudy and they only come out when it is sunny, to drink and cool themselves at the ponds and lakes. When you go, you will probably see them.
(“Wat hebben we genoten van deze geweldige ervaring”   *Heleen Klaver*)

Evening Safari

We were the lucky couple who got to go on the first evening safari of this company. We were very curious about the animals we would see. First we had to drive for a little less than an hour to get to the part of the road in between the parks. We crossed the whole road without seeing any elephants. We were dissapointed and almost lost all hope, but on the way back, the elephants started to show themselves. First three, then they kept coming. We were so amazed by these magestic animals. They are so big and one of them came so close that we could almost touch it! For me, this was a very magical experience that I will never forget!